Shibumi comes from an idea of a living together couple. We have decided together to bring our deep knowledge and  experience to produce an entirely high quality  and Made in Italy fashion collection.

Our collection is dedicated to women who want to be always in touch with tendencies and know the latest in international fashion. A brand new and young style that turns into beauty and refinement hidden by usual looks which reach semplicity through a wisdom way.


Collection  SS 2015

Shibumi SPRING SUMMER 2015 breathes a timeless feeling , this is a season to be noticed with a style joyous , bright and romantic.

The collection has a feminine but aggressive style at the same time ,it is an explosion of energy sought on a fresh color palette for the summer.

Shibumi looks funny with the variants developed on Canapone 100% cotton , featuring prints in colors and patterns that resemble paintings brushed a hand through flowers, horses, cats , jaguars and zebras , in addition to the uncontested tint united Rafia developed on much more delicate in shades of coral , black, bronze and black.

For a complete view of the collection, ask for the lookbook

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